Van Schie Skin Pack ETS2
Van Schie Skin Pack ETS2

Van Schie Skin Pack ETS2

Hello, in this mod package I have made together with my friend skins for Volvo fh16 Classic Sleeper, Volvo fh16 2012, Scania S Nextgen (for normal roof, High Roof and High Roof (8×4) ) and for Boxt Trailers (excluding the 78 trailers).
IA Traffic with all Skins in this mod.
!!!(I know the problem with the IA trailers)!!!!

The skins are from Van Schie Bv Meidrecht, from the Netherlands.

I hope you enjoy it.

Greetings, Mod maker

!!!!!!!!!!(Volvo FH16 2012 is still in develepment)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Compatible with all game versions.
Tested in Versions: v1.43, v1.44

Steam: @CreepingGuard Steam: @Jarno


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