Rheinhessen Map v FS22

Rheinhessen Map v FS22
Rheinhessen Map v FS22
Rheinhessen Map v FS22

Rheinhessen Map v FS22

– 48 fields, the sizes are between 0.5 ha to 14 ha
– A field was built with vines
– 16 own productions and 7 standard productions with own modified XML
– 8 own sales points and 7 standard sales points are installed on the map
– New fill types have been added: compost and pomace, which can be used as fertilizer. Strawberry and chocolate ice cream, as well as whipped cream and chocolate granola were also incorporated
– New fruit types were installed, these are poppy, rye, white cabbage, red cabbage, hops and lavender
– these fruits can be used to make poppy snails, lavender oil, hop tea, mixed salad and raw cabbage salad
– The terrain is flat to mountainous
– In the shop you will find our own customized vehicles and tools, which should make your work easier
– Wind turbines and solar cells were installed, which belong to the farm and thus money is credited at the beginning of the game
– There are now motor boats on the river and a fishing boat on the lake
– An island church is built into the river
– On the edge of the map, some residential complexes were built
– Growth speed has been adjusted
– The spacious courtyard is opposite the vehicle dealer. At the beginning of the game, at least with “new farmer”, you own 4 starting fields and the farm. A generous starting fleet is available
– The PDA has been revised
– Various decorative objects have been lovingly placed. Decorative objects such as hotels, churches, blocks of flats and bridges, as well as flower arrangements, fences and containers in different variations


  • Fixed flying Decorations


[LSMT] Stefan


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