Project3XX v2.145 1.43+ ATS

Project3XX v2.145 1.43+ ATS

Project3XX v2.145 1.43+ ATS

Changelog v2.145
Supported Game Versions: 1.43

Many added features, mostly interior, more to come.
Currently doesn’t work for the Truck And Trailer pack by Deezle on the forums.
Wheels and LEDs are now separate packs in total.

This is a project unlike you’ve ever seen. Multiple truck models all included in one mod.
To start:
– 357, 377, 379.

The End:
– 330, 357, 367, 377 SBA and SFFA, 379, 386, 389, custom 579 hood.

(Haulin), Ivan (hardtruckisthebest), Chris (formerly bay0net), Tim (polarexpress17)


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