Prinoth Raptor Pack v 1.0 FS22

Prinoth Raptor Pack v 1.0 FS22

Prinoth Raptor Pack v 1.0 FS22

The RAPTOR 300 is the chameleon of the mulching carriers that provides unparalleled customization possibilities to answer the individual requirements of each end user.
The modular design, in combination with various options, allow multiple configurations. Accessibility and the compact architecture make this unit stand out when speaking of ergonomics & efficiency.
Featuring the latest technology and heavy-duty components, the RAPTOR 300 sets new standards in the mulching industry.
Various color options and vehicle customizations for better handling.
Power from: 275 HP
Price from: 275.000 $

The M650 is a mulcher for medium-heavy applications with a rotor diameter of 25.6 in (650 mm).
It is suitable for carrier vehicles with 200 to 400 HP.
Soil cultivation can be switched off, so pure stump milling is possible.
Grass and bushes are now removed as well.
The mulcher is now oscillating and can adapt to the conditions of the ground.
Price from: 41.000 $


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