Pacific Map v1.04 1.44 ATS
Pacific Map v1.04 1.44 ATS
Pacific Map v1.04 1.44 ATS

Pacific Map v1.04 1.44 ATS

Changelog v1.0.4
Adapted for 1.44

The first is the official announcement of Pacific Map. We will start small and work on Hawaii first.
now, we have three developers mapping full time on Pacific Map. No
release date yet. As you know, putting release dates on maps just makes
maps be released longer and cause disappointment.

is also to being a training grounds for our developer recruits, and
other devolopers are from time to time polishing up some things in
Honolulu. Our goal is to see at minimum Honolulu released by the end of
the year. Most of Honolulu is done just some detailing in downtown and
some scenery along the highways. the airport and port areas are
completely done.

The official plan for 1.0 is Honolulu and what else we feel like to do. This is what has been done now:



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