Moorgrund Map v FS22

Moorgrund Map v FS22
Moorgrund Map v FS22

Moorgrund Map v FS22


  • Removed collision at the Raiffeisen soil fruit
  • Trees moved to field edges
  • Field 9, 16, 19, 22 leveled the ground
  • Changed gates and barriers to manual opening and closing
  • Trees installed along the streets
  • Map border more trees installed
  • Changed greenhouse seed and fertilizer triggers for pallets and hangers
  • Map ground angle increased
  • Cowshed feed capacity adjusted
  • Bakery removed (carried over to new production)
  • Kieswerk purchase station for stones installed
  • Added farm purchase station wheat for (chickens) and compost for (greenhouses)
  • Added Map PDA background image


Chris Rock


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