MAZ Prototype ETS2 v1.44.x+1.43.x ETS2

MAZ Prototype ETS2 v1.44.x+1.43.x ETS2

MAZ Prototype ETS2 v1.44.x+1.43.x ETS2

MAZ Prototype from the Author – Igor Schwagerus. (For ETS2 latest version 1.44 and 1.43)

Autonomous, does not replace anything, is bought from MAN and Dealers of MAZ Modifications.
3 wiper modes.
It has 3 front swivel wheels and 1 rear driving wheel (swivel) 🙂
Native salon in the style of MAZ.
Not a big tweak.
1 chassis and 1 cab.
Fuel tank with a volume of 2100 liters.
There are accessories in the cockpit + toys from STEAM.
Own wheels – 2 types of tires and 2 types of disks
Advanced hitch missing 🙁
Removed conflict with the main truck MAZ-6422M from the RTA team. 🙂

Last change:
Adaptation for ETS2 version: v1.44.x.
Attention: Errors are excluded, since the mod was tested on a test profile!
Converting the main 3D model “PMG” to a new format (SCS Blender Tools).
Convert “PMA” animations to new format (SCS Blender Tools).
Fixed windshield wipers animation and their work with water removal.
Improved truck braking system (no stiffness)
Improved handling – it’s power steering and suspension.
Improved truck off-road capability.
Chassis and wheel rotation fixed.
Improved truck lighting at near and far distances.
Improved display of the windshield and side windows.
Improved work and added clarity of dashboard details.
Fixed work of GPS navigation and on-board computer + glare defect removed.
Added 8 types (FMOD) sounds and 8 types of engines.
The viewing angle of the position of the side mirrors from the outside and inside the interior has been improved.
Changed and optimized the physics of the truck on the road.
There are also sounds from MAZ, they are divided into 2 categories – V6 and V8.
The characteristics of the gearboxes of 650HP and 710HP engines have been changed to REAL data.
Gearshift sounds present.
Fixed in dealer, company and truck gallery.
Supports multiplayer with Convoy mode.
Fixed in-game log to be 99.9% clean.
The mod is fully optimized and ready to go!

I want to warn you in advance that the collision on the tires does not work and it’s not my fault.

Test on ETS2 version: 1.44.x.
All good mood and pleasant travel!!!

Author: Igor Schwagerus.
Adaptation to 1.44+1.43: MaxX_AGENT.
Steering wheel and left window animation: AJIEHA.
Whole model conversion: MaxX_AGENT.
Improvements and fixes to the log in the game at a minimum: MaxX_AGENT.

DOWNLOAD 141 MB [mirror]

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