MAN TGX Transporter v 1.0 FS22

MAN TGX Transporter v 1.0 FS22

MAN TGX Transporter v 1.0 FS22

– Engine Setup: 640 hp, 880 hp
– Color Changes: Cabin, Body, Rims, each in gloss and metallic
– Tires: Lizard, Nokian
– Bullbar: No, Yes, with light
– Roofbar: No, Yes, with light
– Sun visors: Small, Large
– Sun visors: Plexiglass or Plastic with Color Change from cabin
– License plate: No, Yes
– Warning lights: None, Beaconlights, Warning bars
– Front Flashers: No, Yes
– Window protection: No, yes
– Transport safety: Dynamic Mount Attacher or Tension Belts
– Indoor Camera now directly behind the steering wheel
– Ramps can be adjusted in the width
– Side marker lights with flashing function
– Turn signals and marker lights flashing when reverse driving
– Daytime running lights at engine start
– Tension belts or Dynamicmountattacher, for Cargo or Vehicles
– Separate symbol in the help menu for the ramp adjustment
– New horn sound
– High beam entered as work light, because console players do not have high beam
– Order: low beam, high beam, rear work light


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