Lizard TRA 500 v 1.5 FS22

Lizard TRA 500 v 1.5 FS22

Lizard TRA 500 is a multipurpose quad for your farm. It can be used for tours, or you can use it for smaller transports.

– Price: 13,000 $
– Power: 75 hp
– Two Tire Options
– Two different handlebar models, each model with black or main color option.
– Color options, this being the bodywork, suspension springs and wheels
– 3 bumper models, the third being used together with the two previous configurations.
– Optional coverage
– Optional couplings

Version 1.5:

  • Added optional colors for the cover and bumper
  • 3 different rims added
  • 7 more tire models
  • Option of 8 different camouflages
  • Added brake, clutch, key, throttle and light activation animations


Agro Tonho


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