Goldhofer STZ VP 3 v 1.0 FS22

Goldhofer STZ VP 3 v 1.0 FS22

In tough everyday transport, time is what counts most. This is why the STZ-VP 3 low bed trailer can be loaded quickly and easily from the front.
With increasing weight and volume of the cargo, it is also crucial that the vehicles themselves are as light as possible and at the same time can carry high payloads.
The STZ-VP 3 is the true champion here, doing the heavy lifting for you.

– The steering angle has been adjusted so that it optimally follows the towing vehicle
– The neck can be tilted and the chassis can be lifted for significantly more ground clearance
– The low bed has been significantly lengthened so that even the largest vehicles now have space
– Low bed can be widened
– Warning signs can be pushed out
– Price 45000 $


HR Forst und Fahrzeugbau


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