BigT Britax LED Beacon + Fix – 1.44 ATS

BigT Britax LED Beacon + Fix – 1.44 ATS

BigT Britax LED Beacon + Fix – 1.44 ATS

In order for this mod to work, it must be:
Loaded above the original BigT mod
Loaded above any mods that contain BigT files, as these can cause conflicts and make the fix not work.

This mod simply updates the flares and lights to the specs for the new lighting system, all credit goes to BigT for the original pack/models/textures. You must have the original mod installed as all the necessary accessory content is there, this mod only contains flare and material adjustments.
The fix will work for all accessories and should work for any version 1.40.*+, unless something else is changed by SCS. It has now been updated for 1.41 .
If I have missed anything in fixing them, or if you have other issues, please let me know in the comments!

All credit for beacon models, original mod, textures, base flares, etc goes to BigT.
I redid parts of the flares for the new lighting system. All flash patterns, colors, etc have been unaltered.

Sk3lecreeper, BigT


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